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Co-founder of SBS Associates, Inc. a consulting firm specializing in QuickBooks financial products and related 3rd party add-ons., providing solutions to save money and simplify processes.

Intuit hosts NYC Innovation Gallery Walk

Intuit Innovation Gallery Walk.  A behind the scenes look at product demos showing how Intuit experiments with emerging technology and innovates to solve customer problems.

Had a great time meeting with colleagues, viewing product demos and speaking with Scott Cook and Brad Smith at last night’s invite-only event.


Northeast Snow Storm – Will it really happen?

Our Greater NYC Woodard Group Meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 3/15, however because of snow warnings, we rescheduled until next week.

Here’s why – all within the next 24 hours for both NYC & our north Jersey Westwood and south Jersey LBI offices:

  • Winter Storm Warning – 18 – 24 inches
  • Winter Storm Warning –  Cancelled
  • Blizzard Storm Warning – 18 -24 inches
  • Blizzard Storm Warning –  Cancelled
  • Winter Storm Warning –  8 – 10 inches
  • Latest:  LBI: Rain – no Snow

Have no idea what is really going to happen but funny…..  Stay safe everyone!

Service Dog Needed

This is not a post I would normally put on our site. However, this video really touched my heart.  Jesy has put herself out there and revealed needs that most people would want to keep to themselves.

I didn’t know about GoFundMe previously but think it’s a  great way to contribute directly to someone’s needs.  Go Jesy!

Please help if you can.