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Co-founder of SBS Associates, Inc. a consulting firm specializing in QuickBooks financial products and related 3rd party add-ons., providing solutions to save money and simplify processes.

CPA Practice Advisor Review results are in and Intuit QuickBooks is a winner!

Check out CPA Practice Advisor April edition

Intuit QuickBooks is the Leader in so many Accounting & Business Categories including Desktop, Point of Sale, Online applications, Time & Billing features,  Payroll and Merchant Services.  See the results. 

So proud to be associated with QuickBooks as an Intuit Solution Provider.

Don’t underestimate the Value of a Business Plan

Does your business have a Business Plan?  Is it Reviewed, Updated and Current?  Are you using an Accounting application?   Is  it Updated, Reconciled and Timely?

Advances in Technology and Artificial Intelligence are changing the landscape of how we do business and who our competitors are.  What you are not managing can not be measured.  Even bigger companies, that you would think wouldn’t fail  (such as A&P, Sears & Toy’s R Us,) have failed because they did not  manage and react  fast enough to changes.

Work on your Business Plan and Consider QuickBooks for your Financial data.

Networking with Friends, Colleagues and Thought Leaders

Reflecting back on my #QuickBooksSolutionProvider and #QBConnect conferences in San Jose  I probably connected with 200+people.  Whether it was a quick hug, chat, drink or dinner – all were so important, valued and fun!.  These connections are essential for learning, referrals and simply great socialization!  I challenge everyone to step out of their comfort zone and Network!