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2014 versions of QuickBooks to be Sunset on May 31st

QuickBooks provides Customer & Technical Support and Add-on Services (Payroll, Bill Pay, Online Banking, Credit Card Processing, etc.) for current year and the three prior year versions of all their software.

However, on May 31st of each year, they sunset the 4th year’s version. Once “sunset”, certain features of the software will no longer function or be supported by QuickBooks. 


If you are using a 2014 version of QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, Mac or Enterprise) your business may be affected.

We recommend upgrading to the most current version as soon as possible to avoid interruption of Customer & Technical Support should you need it and any Add-On Services you may use.


As Intuit Premier Resellers, we can offer you significant unadvertised discounts on all versions.  Please contact us at 201 664-6319 or today.