Monthly Archives: March 2017

Intuit hosts NYC Innovation Gallery Walk

Intuit Innovation Gallery Walk.  A behind the scenes look at product demos showing how Intuit experiments with emerging technology and innovates to solve customer problems.

Had a great time meeting with colleagues, viewing product demos and speaking with Scott Cook and Brad Smith at last night’s invite-only event.


Northeast Snow Storm – Will it really happen?

Our Greater NYC Woodard Group Meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 3/15, however because of snow warnings, we rescheduled until next week.

Here’s why – all within the next 24 hours for both NYC & our north Jersey Westwood and south Jersey LBI offices:

  • Winter Storm Warning – 18 – 24 inches
  • Winter Storm Warning –  Cancelled
  • Blizzard Storm Warning – 18 -24 inches
  • Blizzard Storm Warning –  Cancelled
  • Winter Storm Warning –  8 – 10 inches
  • Latest:  LBI: Rain – no Snow

Have no idea what is really going to happen but funny…..  Stay safe everyone!